NEVERknead Pressing/Kneading/Conditioning Machine for Ceramic&Polymer Clay β€” AWESOME Review

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August 1, 2019

Clay Kneading Machine from NEVERknead

NeverKneat is a clay kneading machine that came out on the market some years ago. Take some assembly required. It helps great especially for aging hands and has excellent customer service. It does all the hard work with preparing clay for you. It has a nice little desk on the bottom that’s fairly sturdy to put your clay on the foot pedal. It works like a drill press with the handle on the side.

Clay Kneading Machine from NEVERknead detail review

  • Durability
  • Features


  • Easy to assemble, simple to use, fast clean up
  • Fits Sculpey, Fimo, Kato, Pardo, Cernit polymer clay
  • Saves you time


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Last Updated August 24, 2019

Preparing for work with a clay kneading machine

One of the things that it’s good to do before kneading the clay this is an old shipping label and all you have to do is put it down on pedal for clay. And this is just to help keep darker colored clays from touching each other when I blend them. Take a clay block. The clay is very hard but you can prepare it very quickly and easily with this machine.

Work with clay machine

All you do is take and use it like a drill press and you’re gonna push down, clay will stick. Just rotate your clay because I think that’s easiest and just keep rotating and pressing, and rotating and pressing.

And what it’s going to do is it will slowly condition your clay for you.
Conditioning takes a lot of time, besides you can hurt your hands. You’ll feel this clay softening a lot underneath the pressure. You’ll even see as the foot presses down more than it was at the beginning. And you just keep doing this β€” keep turning your clay over and over and over and letting the clay conditioning machine condition it for you.

Advantages of working with this machine

I find that this works really well especially if your hand get sore or start to hurt from conditioning clay. This just kind of help to take a little bit of the workload out of conditioning clay. And you’ll see now that whereas before it was very hard to smash with your hands, it’s much much softer. And while still not soft enough to put in the pasta machine it’s much softer than it was. So you can just keep using the clay conditioning machine to continue to condition the clay.

The clay conditioning machine really takes a lot of the pressure not only off your hands but also off of the clay itself.

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