Speedball Artista & Clay Boss Pottery Wheels β€” Full Review and Rating

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June 1, 2020

Are you looking for speedball wheels? βœ… Take a look at the TOP 2020 βœ… Pros, CONs, βœ… comparison table, βœ… what to be aware of before buying. βœ… In this review you will also find the products feature. βœ… Our dedicated web research team spent hours to find out the speedball artista and clay boss pottery wheels review for you and create a review. We also read lots of real user reviews before creating our top list and buying guide for these particular products.

Speedball “Clay Boss” & “Artista” Pottery Wheels are an excellent choice for both serious pottery and craft learning. These wheels have several features to make them stand out from the crowd of competitors. And the first thing to notice is the ability to change the rotation direction. For this purpose, a special reverse switch is provided. These models use an industrial DC electric motor to control speed as smoothly as possible and maintain its power and torque. The motor power is 0.3-0.5 HP. This high power provides hight centering force.

The working surface of the wheel is 11 or 14 inches in diameter. And 14″ is a pretty big wheel that is sufficient for nearly every product.

The set includes an ergonomically designed, infinitely adjustable pedal for convenient speed control. This means that you can always easily adjust the speed without breaking away from the case. A deep tray with high sides provides adequate protection against splashing and protects the electronic section of the wheel against moisture.

1. The Best 25 lbs Centering Capacity "Speedball Artista" Portable Tabletop Pottery Wheel (11")


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Last Updated May 31, 2020

Today I'm going to be sharing a review for the Artista by Speedball Potter's Wheel. This is a small portable potter's wheel, roughly around 25 pounds in weight. Real neat for the price tag, starts around $350. I have seen it as high as $400. Last time I checked on Amazon, it was down to $350 and there are coupons out there which take an additional $50 off or free shipping, so kind of neat.

Speedball Artista Video Review

I was really surprised, I got a lot more than what I thought I was going to get so you get the basic wheel, they threw in a handful of their low fire glazes here, samples enough to do maybe one or two projects...
The little bottles may be small, two small projects. Between cone 04 to 06 on all of these, so that was kind of a neat surprise. They also threw in big round bat, square bat, bat pins, and detailed instructions in case you ever need to service the item. It's really cool they have a parts breakdown. Looks like if you're mechanically inclined, if something broken you'd be able to take care of it. Parts seem to be relatively cheap. Most expensive I found was the motor and that was at $150.

This set also included your two water buckets. I would have to say if I had any complaint about the product itself, it actually would be the bucket size. I really like the big buckets, you don't get too much slip in there. You get two of those. And then the wheel itself, this is not a little guy at all. It's capable of centering 25 pounds. This is one of those styrofoam ... I call them like the picnic plates.

You can see it's a pretty decent size wheel. The splash guard is also removable for cleaning purposes. You see the separation right here and then this unit is capable of taking the foot pedal. I actually opted to not get the foot pedal although I may be going back to get it for an additional $75 so it brings the grand total to just over $400 for this guy. And it's really ... Considering the price for it, these usually run between $1,000 to I've seen them as high as $2,000. This one is 100% portable, lightweight, about 25 pounds, able to store easily. Here we go. This has a hand turn dial. Fairly responsive overall, I'd have to say I'm really satisfied with this particular product and I've made a couple things on it already!

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