Pottery Wheel Parts for Clay Boss, Shimpo, Brent, US Art Supply, ect.

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Vin Lout
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October 1, 2019

Pottery Wheel Parts

1. splash pan

A splash pan keeps all of your clay and your slip and your water from going all over the place onto you onto the floor. When you’re actually throwing your clay it comes in to here. These come off and here you have the wheel head (3)

2. wheel head and bat pins

Every wheel has a wheel head and bat pins that hold your bat. Your bat fits on the bat pins. The reason we use a bat is to throw your pottery on, this way when you’re finished making your pot or your cup or vase you can just lift your bat up and take your whole piece away rather than having to cut it and actually lift your piece off.

3. pedal

You push down the pedal and accelerate starts to stops your wheel

4. control box with big orange or red button (switch)

Control box is over on the side of the potter’s wheel. Each wheel will have a different set up but this one has a switch here that you can either put it in neutral and the wheel won’t move or you can put it clockwise or counterclockwise.

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