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March 1, 2024

I do want to mention before you use this for the first time you might want to take a baby wipe and just wipe off the rollers because sometimes they have a little bit of oil on them and it might make a mark on your clay. The clay conditioning machine comes with a handle that has a nice comfort grip on it. It has a clamp that clamps it on to the table. And it has a dial here that adjusts the size of the sheet that you’re going to make. It goes from one all the way down to nine. Nine is the thinnest sheet of clay you want to make and one is the thickest.

Clay conditioning process

For example, you’re going to condition a two-ounce bar of clay and the first thing that you have to do is cut the clay into three pieces. Use the number two on the dial to condition your clay. And now that you have the bar clay cut into three pieces just run it through the machine.

Then fold it in half and I always put the seam or one of the open edges with the seam along the side into the machine.
Never put the clay into the machine with the seam up because you’ll trap air in the clay. Do it through the clay conditioning machine a few times and it really doesn’t take long before the clay becomes condition. And the reason you want a condition clay is it mixes all the ingredients up.

You’ll see the difference from the first time and how lustrous the ready piece is and how dull basic piece is. And there’s can be even a few streaks of color so this mixes all those colors up. And also once you condition clay it’s much stronger after its baked.

So just do this a couple of times and then add two pieces together. And you’ll notice once the clay is conditioned it comes out in a nice flat sheet.

I usually run it through about 14 times to have a nice lustrous sheet of clay ready to use in any one of your projects. I hope you’ll try the clay conditioning machine!

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