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On our article today, we are talking about poseable mannequin models, and how you can use them to help your drawing. One problem they have is that they don’t hold their poses very well all thΡƒ time that you need. So what can we do about that? Well, art action models are really reasonably cheap these days, and they’re very, very useful just to have around for something to draw and to put it into a quick pose. But the more you draw them, the more you will get this model transferred into your brain as a little model inside your head from which you can draw anything you like. Here, let me show you how. And one of the things I’ve been doing is talking about mannequins for drawing and how to use them, and how you can do all these kinds of poses, but it probably wouldn’t be able to do these poses with your poseable mannequin.

how to draw

You have to do them in your imagination. And you can then make mannequins’ bodies thinner, and you can make them fatter.

You could even turn them into cats and dogs. Once you got mannequin body model inside your imagination, you can get them moving, and then put clothes on them and then turn them into characters.

how to draw

With a mannequin, we have a head, and then a neck, so you want a little ball for that. And a body, it’s going to be triangular. They’re going to be slightly different shapes for male and female. And then you want a ball there, which is kind of the waist. And then the pelvis. And you can have a little ball on the shoulders, as you really kind of would on a human being. They’re kind of a shoulder joint. And then basically you’ve got kind of tubes and balls, and then the same with the legs. And you can make them thicker, and thinner, and longer, and shorter depending on quite what do you want to do.

And if you get this inside your head, it will make drawing characters from your head an awful lot easier.

how to draw

Drawing somebody slightly from above, we can imagine that the head is going to be a bit like that. So we want a ball joint underneath there, and then the body is going to be a kind of a parallel box, a parallelogram kind of box with a ball joint on there. Now if they’re running, they’re going to have their arm going backward, and that would be achieved there with the ball on the end. A line coming down there, and I think they’re probably going to have their, holding their fists actually. So you can sort of start playing with it a bit like that.

Now this will be achieved, I’m going to have it come down there a bit more like that I think. Now we need the waist. And I’m going to bring, I have kind of a bend in the body there, so maybe they’re doing more of a long jumpy kind of thing. They’re reaching out. And I’m going to have them reaching out much further like that. So maybe they’re doing the hurdles. Maybe that’s what it is.

And we’ll have a ball at the end, and then they’re going to be reaching there. And then on this leg, they will be going thataway. I haven’t got a mannequin body in front of me, but I have got this model in my head. And that is the secret of it. And I think the only way to get this model in your head is just to do draw lots of drawing, which is probably the secret to most things. And then we can maybe put the hurdle in that he’s jumping over, and we’re kind of building up a story at the same time.

Can maybe do a kind of a sitting down pose, sitting down, looking up at the sky. Again, get this, learn how to do this kind of sort of spheres, so that you know where they’re facing.

And they’ll be the neck, and again, the mannequin’s body. And I think in fact the body will be more, I’m going to have it more that way. And then we’ll have, this is going to be a very strange angle, more like that. And we’ll hit the arms coming back there and then forward. So we’re kind of sitting down on the ground looking at the sky. And that again will be there. Repetition is how you learn. Just keep drawing, doodling, get one of these and just doodle it, doodle it until every thing is completely in your brain. And you can do it in your sleep and then you’ll be able to draw bodies from wherever you like. Whatever angle you like.

And then you can put ears on them, and then you can put some hair on them, and then you can start putting clothes on them. Which may be a collar will come around like that, a jacket, something like that. You know, the jacket will be there.

And if you’ve got poseable mannequin body model like this inside your head of what a human being looks like, it makes it so much easier just to draw what’s in your head, because you kind of know how to do it. And mannequin models can help you.

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